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Open installation of engineering services

Open (trench) method means the production of works by opening the ground. Carried out trenching to predetermined depth, then there are some technical preparations and strengthening of the trench for the pipeline, including: alignment of the bottom of the trench, strengthening the walls of the trench against the sloughing, the creation of a sandy or sandy-gravel «cushion» for the pipeline. Next it comes laying the pipeline and backfilling the trench and if necessary, restoration of land improvement of territory (restoration of vegetation layer, pavement and other surfaces).

This method has the following advantages:
  • Efficiency at big distances
  • Relatively small depth of the pipes in the absence of groundwater 
  • The only possible method for laying of asbestos cement and cast iron pipes

There are some disadvantages:
  • Significant amounts of excavation, resulting in increased labor costs and using of machinery
  • Excavation within the street paving and green areas before the end of a 5-year warranty
  • Breach of the homogeneity of physic-chemical parameters of the underlying soil, resulting in subsidence of asphalt concrete pavement.