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Trenchless installation of engineering services

Nowadays, trenchless methods of repair and pipelining of communications are the most topical and most rapidly developing methods of work in the construction of the external water supply and sewerage networks.

The company "GRADISS" has a considerable experience in organization such operations in St. Petersburg, North-West region and in other areas of Russia.

The property of our company has several horizontal directional drilling apparatuses, including the apparatus of «Terra Jet», Production Switzerland, «Vermeer» U.S. production, as well as recently appeared on the Russian market the apparatus of a Chinese firm that called Dilong.

In addition, the Company "GRADISS" specializes in the trenchless repair, by means of a polymer sleeve, produced by us in our own plant in Saint-Petersburg.

A more radical way to restore the network is the dragging of a new polyethylene pipe into the old one with the pneumatic punch or by machine of static destruction.

Another way to restore the pipeline, which is also owned by our experts, is the method of pipe-in-pipe, which is dragging of the new PE pipe into the old without breaking.