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B. Sampsonievsky, 66A, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Gradiss LTd – Construction Company that includes a number of departments that specialize on construction of water supply and sewerage systems, electrical networks and full range of solutions to the wastewater treatment issues.

Our experts have the skills both conventional technologies (construction of systems with excavation) and relatively new technologies in Russia such as HDD (horizontal directional drilling), CiPP (cured in place pipe with flexible liner) and pipe-in-pipe (process of dragging of new HDPE pipe in the old one without destruction).

These methods allow to make reconstruction of underground networks and systems under rivers, fields, in specific soils (rocky grounds or quicksands), under high-voltage power lines, oil and gas lines, in conditions of dense urban development under highways, tramways, streets, parks, etc. Also our specialists can perform, hydrodynamic flushing of pipelines and TV diagnostic, inspecting of networks.

Also, according to costumer, our specialists can make a report of defective cards and video materials for delivery networks to SUE «Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg».